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    Cloud based data management.
         Saving time.
         Saving money.
         Putting you first.

An open, cloud based ecosystem
designed to unify
agricultural data. No restrictions

We understand that farm business owners don’t the have time or money to waste on gimmicks. We designed FarmHand from your point of view, providing an enjoyable experience that is extremely simple to use and highly customisable.

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Ecosystem Features

At its core FarmHand is a cloud based agricultural data nexus, designed to be used on the go on your mobile device, or at home on your office computer:

Easy data entry

We understand that farm business owners don’t the have time or money to waste on gimmicks.

Data aggregation

FarmHand can collect data from ANY source in order to provide you with the business insights you need.


Easily measure and compare your productivity and yields within your own farm business, farm group, against research data or your customer's requirements.
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Clear data visualisation

The ability to get easily to grips with your data will allow you to make quicker, better and more informed operational decisions.

Automated data analysis

Our goal is to automatically help you recognise patterns in your data, providing key insights that will optimise your business.

Access the latest agricultural research

We're working closely with renowned research institutes, making their data available in useful modules that will increase your business outputs.

User friendly

Our aim is to make your journey through FarmHand as intuitive and easy as possible. We're constantly taking user feedback on-board in order to give you the best possible experience.

Time saving

We recognise that our users are busy. Our ecosystem is designed to save you time by bringing all your data into one place where it can be accessed and reviewed easily and quickly.

Fully customisable

You decide what data you want to collect and what is best for your business. FarmHand will support you and help you achieve your business objectives, whatever they may be.

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Cloud based data management. Driving value for farmers, processors and retailers

The process of gathering agricultural data is highly fragmented. Sources such as agricultural hardware, sensors, drones and laboratories are currently unconnected. Numerous methods are currently used to manage and record this data with poor levels of output and effectiveness. Data collection and analysis is the key to increasing yields, meeting the ever growing demand for food, boosting productivity and profitability. We have developed our open ecosystem to help farmers, consultants, processors and retailers meet these demands.

  • Automated data collection
  • Clear data visualisation
  • Agricultural data aggregation
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Access research data
  • Security, privacy, control
global population
9.7bn by 2050
70% more food
needed than we grow today
Mt / hectare increase
driven by data & technology
Glas Data
positioned to unify data & drive productivity

Take a peek

We've designed our mobile application to be highly adaptable, visually appealing & user friendly. Accessing FarmHand via computer, tablet or mobile device, is a seamless cross platform experience.

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