Real-time data management in one place with one login

Our vision is to unite the agricultural sector and food supply chain with a universal data dashboard, GlasCore. We aim to enhance farm management through data automation and easy aggregation.

Discover our ever-growing range of agricultural and environmental IoT sensors

Easily manage Your growing data sources

GlasCore’s design keeps you and your business operation in mind. We aim to drive your productivity with a superior and intuitive data management experience.

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Easy Data Entry

Enter your data quickly, so you can focus on the work that matters.
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Data Aggregation

GlasCore collects data from any source and provides you with key business insights.
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Review the productivity and yield of your agricultural business with research data or your requirements.
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Clear Data Visualisation

GlasCore’s simplistic dashboard allows you to make informed decisions faster.
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Automated Data Analysis

Key insights help you to recognise patterns in your data for faster decisions and actions.
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Latest Agricultural Research

You can make informed on-farm decisions with data from renowned research institutes.
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Data Aggregation

Manage all your data in one place with one login. You can save yourself time and manage your business on the go with GlasCore.

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Land Management

Save yourself time by managing your land with Maps. Easily import your current and historical data so you can monitor changes to your land over time.

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Real-time Monitoring

Keep on top of your business on the go. Manage small issues when they occur and prevent them from turning into big costs.

Monitor Your farm in real-time

Data automation that’s leading agri-tech. Smart IoT sensors keep you informed.

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About Us

We founded our company in 2018. Our vision is to provide a simplistic data management and decision support tool for agriculture and the food supply chain. GlasCore is a cloud-based solution and we’re driven to make it the support tool for agriculture.

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Decision support increases
productivity, profits and yields

We know farmers face increasing challenges. An explosion of agri- tech floods the market and aggregating these siloed data sources is difficult.

Now, the ability to automate, aggregate, and analyse for informed management decisions is critical. Our data management dashboard, GlasCore, provides decision support; it unites the agricultural sector.

  • Automated data collection
  • Clear data visualisation
  • Latest research data
  • Privacy and control
  • Data aggregation
  • Secure storage


Your GlasCore experience will be easy and intuitive. We value your feedback; our aim is to make your experience the best it can be.


You’ll give yourself more time. GlasCore’s design saves you time by storing all your data on one platform. Access and review your data quickly and easily.

Fully Customisable

Your data can be from any source. We support your business objectives, no matter what. GlasCore visualises data vital to your agricultural business.

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