Our Vision

Our vision is to unite the agricultural sector and food supply chain with a universal data dashboard, GlasCore. We aim to enhance farm management through simple data management with GlasCore and Smart Agriculture

Where it all started

Our founders Rob Sanders and Colin Phillipson met on Falmouth University’s Launchpad (with MA Entrepreneurship) course and ever since, their synergy has continued to grow. They noticed data fragmentation issues in the agricultural sector and recognised how it restricted farmers, processors and retailers. It drove them to create a solution, so agriculture could become more productive.

In 2018 they founded Glas Data with the cloud-based solution, GlasCore. Their vision is to provide a simplistic data management and decision support tool for the agricultural industry and food supply chain. With its current team of seven, Glas Data gains more momentum each day to drive agriculture’s future.

Meet the team!

We work together to make your GlasCore experience the best it can be. Find out more about us and how we work as a team to simplify agricultural data management for the food supply chain.



Colin handles the business, marketing and sales side of the company and ensures that we provide the agricultural industry and food supply chain with a simple data management dashboard, GlasCore.

He enjoys walking, photography, gardening and SUP boarding.

Colin at Glas Data



Rob aims to deliver a unified agri-data dashboard where our users can access all the benefits of data analysis and management.

His #1 passion is technology and software. But, with his farming background, he holds a close connection to agriculture and nature.

Rob at Glas Data



Alexa works on marketing projects and GlasCore’s user experience.

After work she enjoys reading, writing and going for walks.

Alexa at Glas Data


Software Engineer

Charlie builds new features and works on improving GlasCore’s usability.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing underwater hockey, running and gaming.

Charlie at Glas Data


Software Engineer

Damian makes sure that GlasCore runs smoothly at all times for our users.

He’s a full stack developer with a passion for physics and modern technologies.

Damian Chlod at Glas Data


Marketing Assistant

Jenni supports Meryn and Alexa with marketing projects.

In her spare time she enjoys swimming, exploring and photography.

Jenni at Glas Data


UI/UX Designer

Meryn works on marketing projects and GlasCore’s user-friendly design.

She likes going on coastal and countryside walks. And at the weekend, she enjoys a pint of Cornish cider.

Meryn at Glas Data


Software Engineer

Tristan’s role involves creating new features within GlasCore.

His hobbies include game development, gaming and walking. Tristan also enjoys taking things apart and repairing them.

Tristan at Glas Data


Business Development Executive

Nellie works side-by-side with our customers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable GlasCore user experience.

With a passion for nature, she loves walking and reading with her family and pets.

Nellie at Glas Data

Our Partners

Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research

Research & Predictive
Modelling Partner

Our partnership with non-profit research centre, Rothamsted Research, focuses on visualising agricultural field performance for you.



Data Supplier & Data
Science Partner

We’re working with big data science and modelling company, Agrimetrics, to provide you with geospatial data.

Ver Facil

Ver Facil

IoT LoRaWAN Partner

Our commercial Internet of Things installer and LoRaWAN partner, Ver Facil, is working with us to bring easy data collection to you.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Mapping Partner

We’re in partnership with geospatial experts, Ordnance Survey, so we can provide you with geospatial data.



Technology Partner

We're working with AI semantic search company SimSage, so you can find the support answers you need quickly and easily with our Knowledge Base.



Technology Partner

We're working with AI semantic search company SimSage, so you can find the support answers you need quickly and easily with our Knowledge Base.

Glas Data Logo

Corporate Overview

Glas Data is driven to simplify the world of precision farming and unlock the value of the data it produces; saving farmers time and money while improving efficiency and yields.

GlasCore is an easy-to-use cloud-based agricultural management and decision support solution. It uniquely brings precision data from any source into one place, offering enhanced automation, clear data aggregation, visualisation and reporting.
Placing dynamic data aggregation into the hands of farmers, agri-service businesses and processors supports their productivity. GlasCore provides a unique opportunity to visualise production, automate workflow, streamline operations and mitigate issues.


We’re not hiring at the moment, but if you’d like to send us your CV, we’ll consider you when a vacancy opens.

Email: hello@glas-data.com