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IoT devices and sensors save you time, money and reduce waste while boosting your productivity and yield. You can rest assured that you’ll be notified if your business isn’t running smoothly.

Real-time alerts highlight poor performance and prevent small issues from turning into big costs. The Internet of Things removes repetitive tasks from your operation, such as checking water meter readings, so you have more time to focus your attention on important tasks.

Find the right devices for your business and see the results for yourself. Get in touch and get IoT technology to work for you.

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Save Time

Make better use of your employee’s time and yours too. IoT technology automatically collects your data, which translates into time and cost savings.

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Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Keep on top of your critical production metrics and stay in control to prevent small issues from turning into big costs.

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Greater Productivity

Easily monitor, record, control and optimise processes to obtain the best performance from your resources.

Which Smart Poultry Sensor package suits You?

Tell us what you need and we’ll let you know which package suits your business.

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Essentials Sensor Package

Get started now with our affordable entry-level package of sensors to help you save time, money and reduce waste. Real-time monitoring saves your business time and money while boosting your productivity and yield. Get this package and have IoT devices work for you.

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Comprehensive Sensor Package

Are you a producer who’s serious about their KPIs? This sensor package allows you to monitor your key metrics with ease and affordability. Continually grow and boost your poultry business with real-time monitoring. Get this package and have IoT devices work for you.

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Bespoke Sensor Package

Build your own package from our extensive range of sensors tailor-made for your business’ success. Real-time alerts help you improve your performance and mitigate small issues before they turn into big costs. Get this package and have IoT devices work for you.

Proudly delivering Smart Poultry Sensors in partnership with Eggbase

Pigbase is a brand name used by Eggbase Ltd to supply Smart Pig Sensors to the pig sector. Eggbase is an innovative and independent provider of powerful software and data solutions specifically designed to give farmers and businesses across the poultry sector cutting edge and intuitive data collection and analysis. The same smart sensors used in the poultry industry are just as effective in the pig sector and Eggbase is very excited to be bringing Smart Pig Sensors to the pig sector.

Eggbase delivers compliance, professionalism, accountability, chick and egg traceability, benchmarking and competitive analysis across multiple remote sites. Eggbase egg layer and poultry software is designed and operated by egg-laying specialists to give our clients cutting edge and intuitive data collection and analysis.

Smart Poultry Sensors

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*Requires connection to WiFi network. Costs may vary depending on the location of the gateway relation to the WiFi router. *Prices quoted are unit cost per month (paid monthly) and subject to 24 month rental subscription agreement. One-off purchase, requires Data Management Plan (data management, storage and network server device costs) and GlasCore Subscription. Data Management Plan and Subscription requires Direct Debit. GlasCore data management dashboard subscription required for all sensors. Sensors require installation within a LoRaWAN gateway coverage area click here for more details.